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Welcome Post

Hello and welcome to my site.

My name is Rob  and on this website I will be talking about all things to do with different types of anxiety.

I started this new site to help people deal with their anxiety. Now on this site you will see that I will cover all types of anxiety. I also will share some tips and secrets of how I am dealing with my own anxiety on a day to day basis.

In today’s world there is anxiety everywhere, you can have it driving a car or fear of going in a public bathroom to. There is so many different types of anxiety out there. 

One thing remains true, anxiety is not a fun thing to have or deal with. I have a handle on mine now but to be honest I still deal with it daily.

I have been dealing with my own anxiety for the last 20 years. Over this long time span I have learned a few different ways of dealing with it and YES without meds. That’s is a long story itself meaning taking the meds that my doctor had me taking. 

Some of the things that I have tried is crazy for sure. I think I have tried them all, now in saying that I do have few things that might work for you or any family members you might know that is suffering from anxiety.

Like I was saying, over 20 years I have figured out a few things on my own, I will be sharing all of my tips with you on this blog. 

Remember I know what it’s like I still deal with it but I have learned how to deal with it is the only difference.

I am always open to answering questions so feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you ASAP (usually within 12 hours).

Please keep this in mind there is no such thing as a stupid or dumb question and if you are here, you are most likely here to learn or find out how other people like me have dealt with anxiety over the years.

I hope that you will enjoy reading my posts and finally find someone that you can trust to give you accurate and true information.

Welcome and enjoy my site!

My Best,



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Get some of my advice on how to deal with different anxiety issues, from my own personal experiences.

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