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Weird Phobias You Probably Don’t Know About

Weird Phobias are a common occurrence among some people all around the world.weird phobias

  1. Phobias are an extreme fear of a particular thing or an incident that could cause a series of attacks.
  2. It may be induced due to traumatic events or due to a stressful event in their childhood.

Just as there are uncommon diseases, there are also weird and unusual phobias you probably have never heard of in your life.

Let us learn more about them and see if you have some of these phobias!

What is Nomophobia

weird-phobias1It is impossible to omit this from the list of phobias we don’t know about since this affects the daily lives of many people.

Nomophobia is the fear of staying off their phone, making it a prison for some in which they can’t escape.

The feeling of having nomophobia is having increased anxiety when one’s mobile device is out of battery, the phone is out of service, or misplacing the phone.

More than half of the mobile device users population is affected by this phobia. You can check and assess yourself if you are one of them!

After all, we live in a world where smartphones play a significant role in our lives.

The Odd Spectrophobia

The spectrophobia is indeed a weird and odd phobia that revolves around one’s reflection in the mirror.

Yes, you heard it right. People who have spectrophobia are afraid of mirrors or their reflection.weird-phobias2

This causes increased anxiety when they are presented with this situation.

Usually, this fear stemmed from an event that traumatized them.

Therefore this involves seeing an apparition in the mirror or stories about ghosts in the mirror that terrified them to the core.

  • It may also come from one’s sinking self-esteem when it comes to their looks or physical appearance.
  • In a world where we take pictures and stare at the mirror all the time, it’s no wonder that this phobia is included in this list!


Have you ever felt disgusted by the ghastly visage of the undead?

Or ever felt fear when you see a dead body associated with cannibalism and man-eating?

If so, then you might have a kinemortophobia!

The phobia is described as a fear of zombies and their variations such as the walkers, undead, living dead, and many more descriptions.

It’s more precise to say that it is a combination of two anxieties which are cannibalism and death.

If you have this phobia, I would suggest that you stay away from The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones series!


For every nap-lovers and sleepers, this is probably a fear that would never touch you.

Somniphobia is the irrational and the intolerable fear of falling asleep because they think that sleep and death are interconnected!

It could also stem from a fear of experiencing extreme nightmares.weird-phobias3

  • This then would keep you up at night or they merely believe that sleeping is a waste of time.
  • That way you could do more things, instead of relaxing and closing their eyes.
  • If I were you and you have this specific phobia, I would stay away from warm milk, counting sheep, and boring books.

Movies are also, since they would probably give you an anxiety attack by sleeping.

It’s undoubtedly a dilemma to have this fear.


weird-phobias4For some, getting peanut butter stuck on the roof of your mouth is simply an inconvenience.

It could be solved without increasing their anxiety levels.

For some also, it’s a total nightmare to have a spoonful of peanut butter stuck on the roof of their mouth!

The symptom of having this kind of phobia is that the moment, there’s peanut butter wedged in the roof of their mouth.

Then next would be the fear, and anxiety attack, panic, and terror.

Most of us would not even think about something as simple as eating peanut butter to be a problem.

So the next time you see someone or they are telling you what they are fearing, you might to think twice about judging them.

This is where most people should be conscious when they see other having these ugly episodes.


Some might experience getting annoyed when someone proceeds a step ahead of you or when they outsmarted you.

Like in a exam or some type of race or competition in any sport.

There are some who would take this to the extreme and develop a fear of failure itself.

  1. Anyone who has this kind of phobia would get irritated and immensely bothered when someone beats them in a competition or a ranking, to the point that they would lash out or burst out in anger.
  2. This phobia stems from their childhood when their peers would berate them when someone is ahead of them or when someone older than them scolds them in front of the public.

Talk about competition at its worst, huh.


Most people associate vampires with fear of garlic and the crucifix.

However, there are a few people who are fearful of garlic to the point that they developed a phobia.

Any food that contains any amount of garlic scares the bejesus out of them!

Most people, with this problem, let’s say if they knew that the bread they were eating at the dinner table had garlic in it hmm.

They would probably begin to shake and have a nervous fit right there at the table.

Sorry to disappoint you folks, but they are not indeed vampires!


Heads up, folks! Papaphobia is not the fear of fathers, but rather the fear of the pope of the Roman Catholic religion.

weird-phobias5Papaphobia is not a common fear as only a few of the world’s population…

…experience anxiety and panic attacks when they see or even think about the pope of Christians.

The concern is usually caused by a trauma that has something to do with the pope and his imagery.

  • It is connected to the hierophobia which are the fear of holy people and objects and hagiophobia that’s associated with saints and sacred images.
  • They might sound like antichrists or atheists, but they are naturally fearful of the concept and image of the pope.


weird-phobias6WOW what a mouth full. The name of this phobia contradicts the fear itself.

The very lengthy phobia is the fear of extremely long words.

The hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is a very severe phobia since its name would cause the victim to have anxiety attacks!

If you have this kind of phobia, you should probably steer clear of chemistry, biology, and people who ask about your aversion!

You should start thinking about assessing yourself with phobias since you might have these odd and weird fears.

They could affect your daily life, or they could disturb your progress since you could encounter some of these on a regular basis.

Don’t be afraid of learning your fears and start embracing them so that you could seek professional help should they go extreme and affect your surroundings.

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