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The Common Causes of Panic Attacks While Driving

Panic attacks while driving is very common for most of the drivers.

panic attacks while drivingTheir causes are mostly related to anxiety and fear that strikes at different times.

Well, they may make you feel as if it is the end of the world, but in most of the times you will be generally safe.

Whenever it becomes highly overwhelming, you should always pull your car off the road until you ease the already built tension.

Pulling over will help you re-gain the full control of the state of your emotion which is enough for you to drive.

Claustrophobia in The Car:

  • It is a kind of claustrophobia, whereby some individuals usually get afraid of getting trapped inside a vehicle.panic attacks while driving0
  • Some people feel anxious that they may get hit by an oncoming car while others worry excessively that the brakes may break down.
  • There are those individuals who will still continue to drive as they withstand the attack from the panic while others will not.
  • An attack is likely to make you feel as if your mind is literally lost, although that is very unlikely.

Your ability to contain the attack is the determiner of whether you should keep on with the driving or quit.

Here are the various factors that may make an individual develop a panic attack while driving:

Thinking About Experiencing A Panic Attack:

You realize if you think so much about a panic attacks while driving, it is likely to find you on the traffic.

It is a catch-22 of sorts about the panic disorders. And, if you had similar kind of attacks while driving sometimes back, it is just simple and easy to think that you would get more of the same.

Regrettably, it is your fear that is evenly likely, to stimulate another attack.


panic attacks while driving 2There is a certain level of stress which is natural, that develops whenever you are driving.

However, the more you get stressed the higher the probability that you will undergo a full-blown panic attack.

There are a lot of dangers that you subject yourself into whenever you steps on the road.

Therefore, safety should be your main priority.

On the other side, being highly stressed enables you to remain safe while on the road because it makes you to be very alert and more vigilant of any impending danger.

Risky Behavior and Panic Attack:

  1. Most of the related panic attack while driving emanates from different activities, especially on those which are perhaps highly risky or could be associated with stress or anxiety.
  2. Therefore, if you had experienced an attack while in your car, maybe because of something that was not related to driving, then you may increase the chances of facing another attack because your brain relates and associates the attack with the driving.

You are likely to become more worried if you make an attempt of driving, especially during the time of attack, and therefore, your car will feel as being less safe.

Stress and Physical Pain:panic attacks while driving3

  • Generally, driving is associated with the production of different sensations and pains which could possibly instigate a panic attack.
  • Those individuals who mostly experience or suffer from disorders related to panic are highly sensitive on how their bodies feel.

Therefore, in case you feel something to do with leg weakness, minor aches, an increased heart rate or anything else.

Typically this will eats up those people who drives openly, it could possibly result in a panic attack.

Hyperventilating When Driving:

panic attacks while driving4There are many factors which may compel you to hyperventilate while on the steering.

The position at which you are seated, experiencing a lot of fear, or even an uncomfortable seat-belt is likely to lead to hyperventilating.

For those individuals who persevere attacks which are related to panic most regularly, then hyperventilation could be both the cause and a symptom of the panic disorder at the same time.

Due to this, if you do hyperventilation while driving for whichever reason at all, the chances of having a panic attack are very high.

Finial Thoughts:

Therefore, you need to understand very well that any time you experience a panic attacks while driving, whether associated with the car or not, the attack will always link the driving anxiety already created in your mind.

This will then result to more prevalent potential attacks.

– Rob


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