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Panic Attack While Driving

Panic Attack While Driving

Each an everyone of us, suffers a panic attack while driving once or many times in our lifetime. I have a friend of mine and here name is Chloe.

panic attack while drivingI accompanied and referred her to a family friend, who works Psychiatrist in one of our local hospitals in the City.

She just finished a session with Dr. Carlos Sebastian.

As we were leaving and reaching the door knob, the doctor said to her,

hey Chloe, thank you for attending the session. We started walking down the hallway to the elevator,

I ask her, how was it, did the session help you with your panic attack situation?

She smiled and said yes it did, thanks you for going with me, I could go for a strawberry smoothie my treat.

When we got to the basement to look for her car, which was a Red 2016 Honda Jazz,  I noticed she had started shaking and her voice was starting to get louder.

She then said “Where the heck did I park my car? It was right here!  We need to call the parking attendant!”   I said,  ” Hey, don’t worry, just push the button on your key ring.”

When she did we heard a loud “Beep! Beep!”  “Well, there it is Chloe!” She then remarked, “Oh My! Sometimes I forget things, and this time I had forgotten where I parked my car.”

Keep Telling Yourself To Relax

Panic attack while driving 1

Once  we got in the car, she started the engine and we started moving, then she started shaking again.

I said to her, “Chloe relax, I’m beside you and will help you. Just calm down.”

Are you familiar with this kind of situation? Have you ever experienced such an event?

Do you know what happened to Chloe next? You’re right.

I could not believe it she had another panic attack right in front of me.

Panic attacks while driving are not a fun thing to witness.

Join me by following Chloe’s story. Dr. Carlos asked her to tell him what is going on, when she is experiencing the panic attack.

She replied, I only get panic attacks while driving. This is what happens when I drive.

  • Fast heartbeat.
  • Cold Sweats.
  • Dizziness and Extreme Headache
  • Blur Vision.
  • My heart feels like it’s going to jump out of my chest.

What is A Panic Attack

After Chole shared what she was feeling with the doctor. She asked Dr. Carlos, What is a panic attack?

So he answered, Panic attack is a behavioral problem that can be treated. It will not hurt you. Panic attacks can happen at any time, at any place.

Panic attack while driving 2

Doctors say, that panic attacks usually begin during your childhood. It is often mistaken for other illnesses.

An example are asthma or heart disease.

The most common panic attack for most people is the panic attack while driving. 

This is often the case after a person has been driving longer that 20 minutes.

Because this happens so fast the main thing is just pull over and let it pass.

You should note that even if a panic attack occurs this can be a dreadful situation. Furthermore to be safe, here is what to do when having a panic attack while driving.

1. Face the situation

You have to deal with the panic attacks plan and simple. Remember, it will not last forever. It will also pass after only a few minutes. Do not be afraid.

2. Consult a specialist 

Consult with the psychiatrist for relief. Try answering the questions the best that you can.  Remember, it’s normal you are not crazy.

3. Attend a therapy session 

It’s a different way to handle your panic attack. For some people therapy is effective. It helps your situation and with what you are experiencing. The therapy removes the doubt and opens your mind.

4. Strengthen your mind Panic attack while driving 3

When you are afraid, usually fears begin to emerge.

Your mind should be strong and forget the word “negative”.

Avoid thinking of negative things and instead always thinks positively, think of good thoughts, like Chole’s kryptonite to panic attack.

5. Love yourself

You have read it right. Love yourself. Each panic attack is caused by anxiety that’s in every person.

Where did these anxiety come from? It may come from different aspects of life.

Forgive yourself for things that did not go well for you in the past. If you do not succeed in a business. When you failed the exam?

My Conclusion

So, whenever you felt you’ve failed, Get Up! Never give up on yourself.  So always think positively, so positive results will always come your way.

If and  when a panic attack comes, believe in yourself, the monster will go away, believe me, I have faced it many times in my life.

Just remember, the next time you get a panic attack while driving face it head on and you will come out on top.

Let us be honest, we love to drive because it’s a great way to escape and be free. We can go anywhere we want to fast or slow. It is just a part of our everyday lives so learn how to deal with it.

Do not let fear of having an anxiety attack control your life. I know it’s not the easiest thing to overcome, but you can do it.

You have to be positive and focus on the good things while driving.

Ready for your joyride?


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