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Anxiety Disorders and Symptoms in Women

Anxiety symptoms in women are very common.

A lot of women who are dependent on drugs and alcohol engage first in substance abuse as a means of easing up the psychological pain they feel.

anxiety symptoms in women

They also use it to ease the symptoms of their anxiety disorder.

For those who don’t know, anxiety disorders are a group of mental health issues that are characterized by feelings of excessing worry and/or fear.

It is also characterized by related characteristics like avoidance and/or escape.

The primary differences among the different types of anxiety disorders are the events, objects, or situations that trigger the onset of the worrisome symptoms.

Fortunately, there is indeed an effective treatment that’s able to address the symptoms of anxiety disorder.

This treatment has helped a lot of people live healthier and happier lives.

Here are some of the most common forms of anxiety disorders:

Generalized Anxiety Symptoms in Women:

This form of anxiety, as the name suggests, is characterized by apprehensive anticipation related to different happenings and activities.

Women who are struggling with this type of anxiety experience worry that’s out of this world.

In a lot of conditions, the distressing symptoms of this type of disorder are caused by common events.

anxiety symptoms in women 0

This includes finishing a task at work or a work-related project.

It can also be as simple as just being on time for an appointment.

Though almost all women might experience a bit of worry about these problems, women with generalized anxiety disorder would experience symptoms that are unsettling.

This includes:

  • Sleep disturbances.
  • Restlessness.
  • Problems concentrating.
  • Muscle tension.

These are severe enough to affect with their psycho-social functioning. In most cases anxiety symptoms in women are not hard to treat.

Specific Phobia: with anxiety symptoms in women

Women who experience or exhibit severe disproportionate anxiety or fear that is connected to a certain occurrence might have a specific phobia.

Severe fear of seeing blood, needles, flying, and heights are all samples of specific phobias.

Women who are suffering with this condition would attempt to actively avoid the occurrence that activates their symptoms.

When the person isn’t capable of avoiding such phobia, he or she would experience extreme distress.

In most cases this experience can lead to a panic attack.

Panic Disorder:

anxiety symptoms in women

Women  who are suffering from panic disorder would experience the sudden attack of intense fear and/or discomfort.

These attacks are also known as panic attacks.

Typically, they are short and usually peak within minutes.

However, during a panic attack, the person might experience:

  • Heart palpitations
  • Dizziness
  • Severe perspiration
  • A sensation of choking 
  • Depersonalization
  • Derealisation

Most women will other symptoms that are distressing as well.

A woman should experience few unexpected panic attacks that aren’t brought about by a clear trigger or cue in order to meet the criteria for a panic disorder diagnosis.

Social Anxiety Disorder:

This form of anxiety is characterized by severe fear about social situations.

A person who is suffering from the disorder might be judged or scrutinized by other individuals.

That is why it is called social anxiety disorder.

  1. For instance, women who are suffering from this disorder might experience extreme fear when engaging in social interactions or meeting a new person. 
  2. They also excessively worry that the individuals with whom they communicate would find them unlikable, unintelligent, weak, or otherwise boring.
  3. In addition to that, women with social anxiety disorder might also have an extreme fear that they would either be rejected by others or offend them.

Agoraphobia: & anxiety symptoms in women.

Women who are suffering from this anxiety disorder experience fear when in open spaces like bridges or parking lots and being part of a crowd. 

They also are fearful when in enclosed spaces, like theaters or stores, or when they are alone in public.

In severe situations, women who are suffering from agoraphobia aren’t capable of leaving their own houses.

anxiety symptoms in women0

Separation Anxiety Disorder:

This anxiety disorder involves severe worries or fears with regards to being separated from one’s home.

This also includes being separated from important individuals in their lives.

This includes family members, such as siblings, parents, or other attachment figures.

Women who are suffering from this might fear that the person they love will die or become ill.

This fear usually occurs when they are not with their attachment figure.

Separation anxiety disorder is commonly found in mothers.

This happens especially when their son or daughter will go to a university far from their home.

Signs and Symptoms of General Anxiety Disorders:

anxiety symptoms in women1

Anxiety disorders’ categories include some disorders that are specific.

Therefore, symptoms and signs might considerably vary.

There are a ton of disorders, and some can be treated very easily.

However, what’s listed below are among the most common signs that a woman might be dealing with an anxiety disorder.

1. Behavioral Symptoms:

Behavioral symptoms of women who have anxiety include:

  • Refuse or resist to leave their house
  • Express extreme fear when separated from their loved one
  • Need continual reassurance and approval
  • Spend a lot of time on tasks
  • Avoid particular situations or events
  • Withdraw from their friends and family

2. Cognitive Symptoms:

Cognitive symptoms of women who have anxiety include:

  • Tend to dread, worry, and/or fear excessively.
  • Usually can’t concentrate. Often times, they always lose focus on what they are doing.
  • Can’t decide quickly and have poor judgement.
  • Tend to have issues with their memory.
  • Or experience nightmares.
anxiety symptoms in women2

Psychosocial Symptoms:

Psycho-social symptoms of women who have anxiety include:

  1. Experience derealisation and depersonalization.
  2. Have a hard time keeping friends and making new ones.
  3. Are always vigilant in their surroundings, even though there is nothing there.
  4. Tend to have mood swings.

There are many opinions about how to handle anxiety symptoms in women. 

What it comes down too is how you want to handle your own. Everyone is different and will react to different anxiety situations. 


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